Hi! I’m a dad and I love food. I always have.

This blog is about my desire to find, buy and cook real and good tasting food that even my kids will eat.

I learned to cook early on thanks to my mom and my grandma.

After getting married, cooking became more fun with theme nights like Mexican fiesta, Greek night, Italian night, salad bar, etc. Then came kids. It’s amazing how we never have much time before kids, and then we really wonder where the time goes. Having kids and being intentional about what foods they ate made me start to really look at the foods that all of us ate. I confess that I’ve always been a label-reading, food-researching guy. Now it was about more than just me. I discovered through others’ blogs and documentaries what kind of stuff is actually in so much of our food these days. At first, it feels daunting to try and eat real food made from real ingredients and not things created in a lab. With a little education and practice, it gets easier. Plus, your body will thank you!



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. Everything is based on my personal preferences and I make no claims to being a dietician or physician. My posts are not meant to be factual, but rather subjective to my views, tastes and background. Though one should keep this subjectivity in mind, I hope that my posts will be informative and interesting for readers.


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